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Scrubber Drier Rides On B140R Rp
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18 Mar 2016
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Specification of

Ride-on scrubber driers-B 140 R Bp
Battery-powered, narrow and extremely manoeuvrable ride-on scrubber dryer with new brush head
generation. Variable working widths (75 and 90 cm), 140 litre tanks, FACT and memory function.
Standard accessories:
• Automatic water stop

Technical data
Brush working width (mm) 750
Vacuum working width (mm) 940
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 140/140
Theoretical performance area (m2/h) 5400
Brush contact pressure-
Battery voltage (V) 24
Battery capacity-
Intake performance (W)-
Waste container l-
Weight (kg) 230
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1550x870x1500
Sound level-


The B 140 R Bp is the alternative to large walk-behind machines. Thanks to its compact suction width, this machine easily fits through narrow doorways and aisles-ideal for supermarkets are, warehouses and production halls. The brush contact pressure and water quantity can be adjusted to different types of floors. Enables the optimal adjustment of the FACT the brush speed. The memory function allows stored settings such as contact pressure and water quantity to be selected at the push of a button. Its chassis makes this machine the most manoeuvrable in its class. The turning circle is only 1.60 m. This machine can be driven away from walls and shelves at a right angle without causing any damage. The side water guide rail feeDS dirty water to the squeegee. This ensures dry floors also in tight corners. The integrated pre-sweeping attachment sweeps coarse dirt into the bin. 140 litre fresh/dirty water tank for long periods of uninterrupted use of up to 2,250 m2 with one tank filling. The battery is positioned in the centre of the casing.


Features & Benefits
Compact dimensions and a 90 ° turning radius-For better mobility and easy manoeuvring.
Only 870 and 930 mm wide. Suitable for narrow's aisles.
90 ° turning circle as well as a short wheelbase allows very tight manoeuvres.
Easy access to batteries and other components-For quick and easy maintenance.
Low-maintenance batteries feature a central filing system. This saves time, as each individual cell does not need to be filled.
EASY switch-Easy to use. The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch.
All important information is shown and adjustments programmed via the display.
Powerful 600 W traction drive with speeds of up to 6 km/h.
Negotiates up to 15% gradients fully loaded over long distances.
Including solenoid brake for safety.
Oil and dirt-resistant, high-grip tyres. The spherical shape also improves traction.
FACT-For adjustment of the brush speed.
Fresh water level indicator-For constant fresh water level control during operation.
Straight or curved bar-For optimal suction suction on every floor. (Please ord

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