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Scrubber Drier Compact BR 30 4 C Adv
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15 Mar 2016
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Specification of

Scrubber driers compact-BR 30/4 C Adv
Compact scrubber drier for small areas with wander hose
Standard accessories:

  • Roller brush
  • Two-tank system
  • Mains operation
  • Transport wheels
  • 2 suction bars, straight

Technical data
Brush working width (mm) 300
Vacuum working width (mm) 300
Intake performance (W) 820
Battery capacity-
Battery voltage-
Fresh/dirty waterr tanks (l) 4/4
Brush contact pressure of 100 g/cm2
Brush speed rpm 1450
Max. performance area (m2/h) 200
Frequency (Hz) 50-60
Voltage V 230
Weight (kg) 12.4
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 390x335x1180


Kärcher's new BR 30/4 C Advanced scrubber drier eliminates the hassle and safety risks associated with floor mopping in public areas. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, the BR 30/4 Adv thoroughly cleans and dries flooRS in a single pass, and can also be used for deep cleaning. Using a BR 30/4 C Adv is faster, easier, more hygienic and safer for operators and public than mopping, leaving floors instantly clean, safe and usable.
The BR 30/4 C Adv is designed to be safe and hygienic for operators. Its four litre clean and dirty water tanks are fully removable and easy to clean and refill, while the roller brush and squeegees can be removed and replaced without tools. The exceptionally low machine's cleanING head height (only 7cm) makes cleaning under furniture easy, while the vacuum can be switched off to enable initial detergent and scrub the lay for deeper cleaning. With wander hose and roller microfibre pad.


Features & Benefits
High-speed roller brush-Ten times higher contact pressure than manual cleaning.
The roller brush also cleans structured surfaces and crevices.
The roller initiates an automatic forwards motion, meaning that the machine does not nee

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