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Karcher Vacuum Cleaner MV3 Premium
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14 Jan 2015
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Specification of

The powerful, energy-efficient MV 3 Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is equipped with a robust and
corrosion-free 17-liter stainless steel container, a cartridge filter, as well as new accessories.


Standard accessories:

  • Suction hose 2 m 35 mm
  • Suction pipes 2 piece (s) 0.5 m 35 mm
  • Wet and dry floor nozzle Clips with 2 rubber brush and 2 inserts
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Cartridge f
ilter Standard
  • Paper filter bag 1 piece (s)
  • Blower function
  • Sturdy bumper
  • Parking position
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Technical data
    Power corresponds to * (W) 1400
    Energy use (W) 1000
    Cable length (m) 4
    Nominal accessory width (mm) 35
    Container capacity/material/17 l
    Voltage (V) 220-240
    Weight (kg) 5.8
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 388x340x525

    p >Description
    The MV 3 Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is as powerful as a 1400-watt vacuum cleaner, with a power consumption of only 1000 watts. It features an impact-resistant 17-liter stainless steel container and a cartridge filter for vacuuming dry and wet dirt without changing the filter.

    NB: Thanks to the newly developed suction hose and the innovative clip-on the floor nozzle with 2 rubber & 2 brush strips, the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner consistently immaculately and removes all types of dirt.

    Thanks to the removable handles, accessories can be directly attached to the suction hose.

    The practical parking position allows convenient intermediate parking of the suction pipe and floor nozzle during work breaks.
    Blowing function, ' Pull and Push ' locking system, ergonomic carrying handle, as well as practical cable and accessory storage complete the equipment package of the MV 3 Premium.


    • Workshop
    • Hobby room
    • Cellar
    • Entrance area
    • Car interior cleaning
    • Small amounts of water

    Features & Benefits
    Special filter cartridge
    For wet and dry suction without changing the filter.
    Newly developed floor nozzle and suction hose For perfect cleaning results, with dry or wet, fine or coarse dirt.
    For maximum convenience and flexibility when vacuuming.
    Removable handle offers the possibility of attaching different nozzles directly on the suction hose for easy vacuuming even in the tightest of spaces.
    Practical function, The practical blower blower function helps wherever possible is not effortless vacuuming dirt removal, e.g. from a gravel pit.
    Practical parking position, quick and convenient temporary storage of the suction tube and floor nozzle during breaks.
    Practical cable and accessory storage, space-saving,



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